Why Do We Fear Questions?

Take a kid to the mall or the zoo for the first time and they will bombard you with questions? Why do the gorillas eat bananas…do they like ice cream? How come that lady sprayed us with stinky perfume? (Holding out $0.32) Do I have enough to get the Barbie Dream House? When are the lions going to wake up?

At some point in our life, we become too “mature” and grown to ask seemly silly questions. We become to embarrassed to raise our hands and ask, why does the same appliance cost $20 more at Crate & Barrel or is it Sprint‘s policy to treat all customers poorly…or just me?

Whether its a fear of conflict or the pure embarrassment of not knowing, we more times than not, decide to not ask. We decide to stay silent and move on. We comply to the status quo.

As consumers, its important to ask questions. Its important to know what and why things are a certain way. Its important to address concerns. As a merchandiser of goods (whether physical or service related), its also important to ask questions? Does the consumer like my product? Could I do anything to improve? Is my product revolutionary or is it just another widget that someone else could provide better and cheaper? What makes me different? Why would anyone want to pledge loyalty to my brand? Am I making a difference?

Seth Godin said, “A great question is one you can ask yourself, one that disturbs your status quo and scares you a little bit.

Go ahead…disturb your status quo. Shake things up a bit. Whether you fail or succeed, whatever you do, don’t get stuck in the middle.

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