Why I May Not Download Your Free App

homepage-phoneWith Apps becoming more convenient and relatively inexpensive to create via services like Pushpay, AppyPie, and BuildFire, more and more churches, schools, small business, bands, and organizations are creating apps for their supporters.

Of course, this sounds great…FREE Apps! Well, not so fast. Free memory space is limited. Even with a microSD in your Android and extra cloud storage on your iPhone7, you will find yourself asking whether or not the FREE app is worth the space your giving up. That space could be used for more music, videos, pictures, and other apps that you will actually use.

When creating an app for you organization, the most important thing to consider is value. Is the app worth the time and space you are asking your supporters to give up? Is your app basically a memory sucking version of your website or does it offer exclusive functions that can only be accessed via the app?

When creating your app, remember FREE is not always enough reason to download. And even if you’ve convinced them to download, when another app they need comes along, will your app meet the chopping block?