Pinterest…yes please.

I don’t know why, but I am becoming more and more intrigued with Pinterest. Yes, I know small businesses and brands are using it to promote themselves. Yes, I know housewives and moms find it to be an stimulating world of new ideas. I think I just like it because…well, I’m very visual. I think that is why everyone else seems to like it so much. I am drawn to the colors, the ideas, the inspiring words and even the cute pictures of babies wrapped in soft blankets.

The rules to Pinterest are changing rapidly as they figure out how to tame the monster. However, the simple fact that most of us are easily hooked by pretty pictures will undoubtably make this a haven for social exchange.

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Companies Make Lousy Friends

I thought by now that companies, organizations, churches and brands would have all learned the game, but I guess I was wrong. I’ve seen an influx of non-human individuals promoting their Facebook profiles on their cards, shop windows and websites. The problem, many of them are utilizing Facebook’s Personal Profile setup as opposed to a Facebook Page. What’s the big difference you ask?

First of all, businesses (including all organizations, churches, non-profits), products or public figures are not allowed to maintain a personal profile on Facebook. What? Yes that’s right.

Secondly, while Facebook obviously is not enforcing this rule right now, they will get around to it. When they do, they will shut down those profiles and all the time and energy spent creating that community will be lost overnight. These companies may as well take the time to get it right now before their community disappears.

Third, being “friended” by a company or organization is not the norm and you are less likely to pick up followers with this approach. People have become used to Facebook Pages and interacting with organizations through them. Trust levels go down when a profile is presented to them in friend requests. Also when people search for Facebook Pages they are likely to overlook a profile that the organization has forced its name into first and last name boxes.

Fourth, another great thing about creating a Facebook Page is creating custom content tailored to your business on your page. You add videos to your Facebook Page, along with custom built content and most importantly you can add opt in boxes so you can keep in touch with your customers. The amounts of possibilities you can explore with your Facebook Page are almost endless, and you should utilize these features on a regular basis to build your business’ online presence.

Facebook allows you to have multiple Facebook Pages which can be useful if you’re a bigger company and have multiple facets in your organization that you would like to promote, or you could set up a specific page for a new product or service you are planning to launch. For the most part most companies choose to have only one fan page, because it is a lot easier to stay on top of one page rather than multiple pages. It is very important to be constantly updating your Facebook Page, and a good rule of thumb is to add new content at least every other day.

By the way, did you know your Facebook Page can be a part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Why is that, you ask? It’s because Facebook Pages are indexed by search engines. Profiles are not. If you’re like most business owners, you want as many people as possible to find you online. If you set up a profile in your business name, you’re not maximizing your exposure. Sure, your Facebook friends will be able to see your page, but new people won’t find you all that easily. On another note, remember Facebook Pages can have an unlimited number of fans, while Profiles can only have 5,000 friends. If you’re trying to build your business, why limit yourself?

If you know someone with a company Profile Page, please do them a favor and direct them to set up a Facebook Page. I don’t want to signal out the guilty, I just want them to be aware of the mistake and correct it before it is too late. Communities take time to build and they are nurtured on trust, getting Facebook set up correctly goes a long way to building and nurturing your community. Once they get their Facebook Page set up, invite those connected to the profile to get involved on the Facebook Page.

Create your Facebook Page NOW!

Need inspiration, here are 35 of the Best Facebook Pages

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5 Secrets to Building Relational Equity in Social Media

The Social Network

The film is loosely based on the book The Accidental Billionaires and it gives us a glimpse into the foundation and rise of Facebook. I know I’m social media nerd, I actually think this movie will warrant some great conversations in the non-nerd world. With 500,000,000 millions users on Facebook, it is more just place for trekkies & apple fanatics to swap stories…it has become a place where people do life together, well sort of.

The film’s producer Kevin Spacey said “The Social Network is probably going to be a lot funnier than people might expect it to be.”

It’s set to hit theaters October 1, 2010.  See you there.

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Three Camps in Social Media

Mel Aclaro (Social Media Trainer & Partner at JaraUniversity) wrote a great explanation of the divisions in the Social Media world. He divides them up into three camps, Information Marketer, Social Media Purists & Value-Based Content Marketers.

Interested in marketing your business in the “backyard bbq/cocktail party” world of social media? This is an important read. Enjoy >>

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91 Year Old Man Strives to Learn Social Media

If John, a 91 year old man who is learning more about social media, can do it, is there really any good reason you should not being engaging new media?

Dive into Social Media…Get JaraUniversity!

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Social Media Day webinar

For all who missed this…here it is.

Mel Aclaro & Jacob Swodeck talk about everything from the 3 camps in new media. Camp 1 – old school information marketing. Camp 2 – social media purist. Camp 3 – a marriage of the two. They also get into practical ways to grow your business through social media. This stuff is gold. Watch and enjoy.

Attracting Sellers & Buyers through Social Media from Joshua Swodeck on Vimeo.

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5 Best Tips to Connect in Linkedin

I threw together 5 great tips for utilizing Linkedin for business connections. This isn’t the “Cocktail Party” or “Backyard BBQ” type environment that other social media sites are known for. It is definitely more business related. What are some ways to take advantage of this unique space? Enjoy.

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5 Ways to Become a Social Media Loser

Okay, this one is a bit sarcastic. Don’t be a social media LOSER. Some great tips on what not to do when using social media for business. It’s a bit silly…but some of these are “deal-breakers” for some people, so listen in and enjoy.

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5 Secrets to Building Relational Equity in Social Media

This is the first of a hand full of videos I’m going to be throwing together to provide some real basic insights that will hopefully give you a bit of an edge in the Social Media realm. I have a lot of friends who ask me on a regular basis where to start in Social Media in relation to their business or non-profit (how to be successful). I’s all about building “Relational Equity”. Here are 5 simple things that will steer in the right direction. enjoy.

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