What I Do

People often wonder what it is I do. Even my own daughter has asked me if I have a job. If I say branding, they think I just make logos. If I say marketing, they assume I make logos AND business cards. If I say designing, well, they just ask if I can make their business cards…for free.

quote_on-brand-storytelling_boxer-creative_uk-1I’m a professional storyteller. I have been since I was a kid. It’s actually part of my rich Native American heritage. I tell stories that build relationships. Stories that make an emotional impact. Stories that provoke change and movement. I tell stories that don’t always require words.

Branding is the soul, the essence, the narrative, the story of a person, product, or organization. That story is their brand. I tell their story. The process of telling the story is called marketing. Effectively telling that story through content creation, visual design, and strategy is what connects the brand with the desired audience. If the story is told well, the audience is moved emotionally and provoked to make a decision. If the audience connects with the story, they will want more.