Working with Instagram in 2018

I’ve spent some time this last couple of years learning more about Instagram specifically. Before this, I spent most of my time on Facebook for my clients, however looking to reach a younger and more successful market, we dove in. While there is definitely a science to the algorithm, the old saying “Content is King” still defines how well followers engage you and how successful you are in moving those followers to act.

With @timstoreyofficial we worked hard to climb the rungs from 1,000 to 5,000, then to 10,000, then to 50,000, and then to 75,000. We seemed to hit a ceiling at 75,000 and not until getting some advice from an expert who specializes in celebrity accounts, were we able to climb to over 200,000. We didn’t buy followers, we didn’t spend a crazy amount of money (however we did promote posts weekly).

The key was good content that was relevant to more than just our follower base. We became determined to find ourselves on the Explore page as often as possible. We became obsessed with our Discovery percentage and Actions count.

If you want some more information on good Instagram practices, check out this article by

How does the Instagram algorithm work? In 2018, the Instagram algorithm has already seen a ton of new changes (and sparked a lot of confusion and frustration)!

This year, the Instagram algorithm seems to be making it even harder than ever for your posts to be seen.

And despite the backlash, there’s no sign of a return to the chronological feed, and there’s a whole new set of rules to play by.

So how do we keep up with all these Instagram algorithm changes?

In the following post, we cover everything you need to know about how the Instagram algorithm works in 2018, and how you can hack the algorithm to get your posts seen! READ MORE


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