Innovation-HeaderInnovation is a unique thing. Depending on perception, an idea can be revolutionary or rhetoric. In the branding world, there are those that focus on the unique, as well as those that just creatively repackage the mundane. Consider with me for moment, that even the most mundane and unimaginative ideas potentially have a unique characteristic. We can be convinced for a time that what we are seeing or hearing is innovative, but time will tell. Every brand should have something unique to offer. Let’s focus on that. As consumers, let’s demand innovation and turn our backs on rhetoric. Let’s strive for new ideas…that will actually revolutionize the way we live. Branding shouldn’t be a con game. It should be rooted in effectively telling real stories of unique ideas. We can do better. Adario Strange of shared this video from Canadian Public Broadcaster, CBC and their series, This is That. Enjoy.

If you’ve ever clicked on an inspirational video link before, you’ve probably seen a TED Talk.

They promise lofty ideas and profound truths, and yes, sometimes they do live up to the hype. But sometimes, well, they don’t.

That’s what this brilliant parody of the speech series focuses on, delivering a blistering takedown of some of the most common onstage methods used to convince the audience that they are witnessing one of the most important speeches they’ve ever seen.

And while it is pretty hilarious, the scary part is that even while the parody talks about nothing, the presentation’s tricks and devices manage to give the empty speech the air of, dare we say, importance.

And for that reason this might be the best (fake) TED Talk we’ve ever seen. If you’re ever invited to give a TED Talk, you now have the perfect cheat sheet for success. 

Adario Strange |