Social Media Isn’t Dead…It’s Boring

I just recently finished reading an advance copy of The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. This isn’t a book about social media. It’s about how to improve your goals, have better ideas, get those spread across a platform of value, and build a human network that matters. I highly recommend it.

In a recent blog post by Chris Brogan, he made the statement, social media isn’t dead, it’s just boring. I’ve said it before, but branding and marketing is storytelling. Part of the reason social media has got boring is because there is less storytelling and more yelling. The difference between yelling at your audience by saying “buy this now” and sharing a peice of your story by telling them how excited you are and how hard you’ve worked and how innovative and life-changing the same product can be is like night and day.

Here’s a snippet from Chris’ article:

The strategies around and behind The Impact Equation boil down to 5 Cs.


If you can’t convey your ideas in a way that stands out (Contrast), that are simple (Articulation), and that resonate with an audience (Echo), the game is over before you begin. So, The Impact Equation is a book about communication.


If you don’t start building a platform of value around ideas that are easy to share (Reach), those ideas won’t get around and get a lot of attention (Exposure). The Impact Equation is a book that talks about how to tell bigger stories.


Where people have the most ground to make up is in nurturing a network of people who care about what you choose to share. Without relationship-minded effort (Trust and Echo), you won’t likely get beyond capturing people’s attention for a little while. Meaning, people won’t be inclined to share. The Impact Equation is definitely a book about community.


We don’t write much about how to make money in this book. Both Julien and I have been successful in our businesses, and we’ve both helped other companies succeed with a lot of the tactics and strategies covered in this book. But this is a book about business and leadership and value-generation and extraction. Make no mistake, The Impact Equation is a book about commerce.


I believe in the principle of Service Craftsmanship, that service begins before a prospect has even become a customer. We talk a lot about how to nurture relationships (Trust) and how that sets you apart from people who don’t treat every touchpoint as a chance for service excellence (Contrast). There’s also the realization that if we treat people the way we want to be treated (Echo), we will earn more of an opportunity to serve. The Impact Equation is most definitely a book about customer service.


Read the rest of the article HERE.

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