Web Branding with WordPress


Clients often ask what is the best way to secure optimal web presence for their brand.  Lately, I tell them all…get a WordPress blog and begin providing the content your customers really want.  Customers no longer want to just go to your page for static information, they are looking for experts…they are looking for relevant, in-the-moment information about your brand.  Of course there are some other benefits to using this free blog resource.  Here are a few:

SEO – Who wants their website ending up on page 2 or worse in a Google search?  You can optimise your website easily by adding tags to all your pages and posts.  It is also very easy to update regularly, and Google loves new content! (Search Engine Optimization)

Customization – Depending on the theme you choose, you can change the look and color of your website in a few clicks.  There is usually a simple editor for minor customization.  Of course you can hire someone to tweak the heck out of it too.

Social MediaWordPress is fully compatible with all forms of social media.  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, can all appear on your site.

Fluidity – WordPress is always being updated!  If you want to add a new section, page, post, to your website, you can easily do it in a couple of clicks.  Want a site that can expand and change with your business, this is it!  No more calling your web guy to make simple changes.

Integration – Newsletters, online payment systems, social media, contact forms, E-commerce, WordPress has a plug-in for all those, and many many more.

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