Insubordinate When You Want to Be, Creative When You Need to Be

What’s the opposite of insubordinate? I guess it’s subordinate.

Which is better, I wonder. Is it preferred to do exactly what you’re told, to be clearly subordinate to the system, to the boss, to the short term demands of the organization–or are we better off doing the right thing instead? These are questions I have asked myself for years, but even more so with a 4 year old daughter about to enter Kindergarten. Am I crazy for telling her real creativity happens while coloring outside the lines? Am I crazy for explaining to her that sometimes you have to break the rules to make this a better world? If she could read better, I would hand her Linchpin and tell her…”this is a book about people like us.”

As Seth Godin looks back at the insubordinate people He’s worked with over the last few decades, the answer becomes really clear.
He’s written a personal addendum to Linchpin. Here it is, it’s a free PDFInsubordinate is a 40 page ebook, feel free to share. I hope you’ll find that many of the examples in the ebook resonate.


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