When and how to ‘friend’ your new bud online

Here’s 3 real situations you may find yourself happening upon in real life that cause you to wonder…what is the appropriate etiquette for following someone you just met in the social media world.

Situation No. 1: You make a legit business contact at a network event (before spilling your drink on an intern). You arrive home, business card clutched in your damp, shaking hand.

Situation No. 2: You make a new friend! Yay! Friends are life’s gifts! Or something. Whatever.

Situation No. 3: You’re perusing the stacks at your local used bookstore when you brush hands with a dark-eyed dreamboat. She’s a doctor. You enjoy being stethoscoped.

Interested for answers? Hit up Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz‘s new “Netiquette” CNN.com column. It’s funny, yet insightful. Enjoy.


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