Social Media Working For Your Company?

People often ask me, “what Social Media sites should I be on to really be effective in my business?” My answer sometimes surprises them.

Depending on your strategy, there are different sites & communities that make sense for you to build relationships.  I like to think of it like a this…

Imagine you were trying to hang a picture on the wall and you look into this box and see all these crazy tools. You may see a socket wrench, hammer, cross-head screwdriver, duct tape, nails, screws, chisel, tape measure…you get the point. Unless you have a basic understanding of what these tools do, you may seem a bit lost. But given even a basic knowledge, the task of hanging a picture becomes easy.

So, here’s the key…as we begin to explore and learn about Social Media and the different sites available and it will be more obvious which sites will work for you.

Connect with me now.


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