Hubs-and-spokes in social media – video book excerpt –

Mel Aclaro is one of the top experts in Social Media training. His explanation of Hubs & Spokes really is good. Turning Social Media into ROIs takes more than just telling your followers what you had for dinner, it takes understanding how Social Media works. Read the article and check out the video (it’s from his upcoming Vbook with Stefon Swanepoel).



3 thoughts on “Hubs-and-spokes in social media – video book excerpt –

  1. Mel Aclaro says:

    Hi Jacob.

    I’m humbled. Thank you for the kind words. And, I think you’re right, of course. Social media is a lot more than simply what dinner was all about. In “hubs-and-spokes” is the concept of enabling ourselves to listen to what’s going on in the web. (That’s how I caught on to your post, btw.) 😉 And then when something worthy of commenting comes up, to do so. 🙂

    Again, thank you. I am so glad to see your new blog up and running. I look forward to hearing more from you moving forward.

    Mel Aclaro

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